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Plant Engineering Vooklet

Plant Engineering Vooklet

Vertical Tower Installation

Value Engineering in Construction

The integration of Value Methodology into the design and project construction/management processes is an important focus. Value Engineering (VE) is a methodology that is known and accepted in the industrial sector. It is an organized process with an impressive history of improving value and quality.

In EPC project, the construction part is not an easy term. Engineering contractor shall take care about  constructability in every phase. During Engineering, constructability is a major pillar in optimizing the plant layout, consequently project cost and schedule.

Get more knowledge from this book Value Engineering: Practical Applications…for Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operations

Tower is an important piece of equipment which represent a big cost item in the project. All EPC related matters should be handled carefully, starting from process data, mechanical design, nozzle orientation, plan location, lifting study, erection procedure,….etc.

The ways that construction contractors erect the Tower are many and fantastic. It reflects how much efforts have been devoted to get the tower in place.

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