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Plant Instrumentation (2)

Plant instrumentation
Plant Vooklet

Plant Instrumentation (2)

Types of Instruments

(1) Sensors 

Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level and analytical. 

(2) Actuators: 

Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Level.

Control Valve

Process control consists of  three instrumentation elements. Measurement, evaluation, and final control. The final control element is probably the most important because it exerts a direct influence on the process. Final control devices contain the essential pieces of equipment to convert the control signal (generated by a process controller) into the action needed to correctly control the process. 

Control valve is a final control device. A control valve is simply a variable orifice that is used to regulate the flow of a process fluid according to the requirements of the process.

Cv Vena
Our next Vooklet (Video Booklet) provides a good Idea on control valve operation and instrumentation sensors. See instrumentation fundamental on this page

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